Religious Education

DRE: Ann Goosey (home: 573-682-3507, cell: 573-881-3091, e-mail )

Bad weather and CCD—Parents, if school is closed for the day or closes early due to bad weather there will be no CCD that night.  If we decide to cancel because of the weather, but the school did not, you will receive one contact from one of your children’s teachers. Any questions contact Ann Goosey at 881-3091 or 682-3507.

CCD-Fellowship Registration

All class start at 7 pm

Thank you to the following individuals for volunteering to teach CCD in 2018/19.  Gary and Misty Werkmeister High School; Matt Robinson and Derek Long—7&8 grades; Brian and Lacy Korb 6th grade; Demi Schmidt 5th grade;  Mark and Lindsey Stinson 4th grade;  Gary and Kristen Deckard 3rd grade; Nancy Robinson and Danielle Bennett 2nd grade; Chrystal Dycus 1st grade; Mendy Clare Kindergarten and Lisa Garcia and Lacy Goosey Pre/k.  CCD and Fellowship starts Wednesday Aug 29th.




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