Religious Education

DRE: Ann Goosey (home: 573-682-3507, cell: 573-881-3091, e-mail )

Bad weather: If school is out because of snow/bad weather, then there is NO CCD/Fellowship.

CCD-Fellowship Registration

All class start at 7 pm

NATIONAL CATHOLIC YOUTH CONFERENCE--Holy Spirit has 5 youth and 2 adults that will be attending the NCYC in Nov of 2017.   The National Catholic Youth Conference is a powerful, biennial three-day experience of prayer, community and empowerment for Catholic teenagers and their chaperones.  More the 23,000 young people attended NCYC in 2015.  This year’s Conference is being held in Indianapolis, IN.  Please pray for these individuals as they prepare for this pilgrimage, Hannah Pendergrast, Caroline Million, Mallory Smith, Anna Romine and Mary Kate Bennett and their chaperones Misty Werkmeister and Emily Million.

CCD DROPOFF AND PICKUP–CCD starts AUG 30.  Please follow the instructions below in order to ensure the safety of our youth.   Students at the Offutt Center should be dropped off at the south entrance, they need to be picked up at the East door. Get in line around the building and your child will come out to your vehicle as you get close to the back door.  This process is a safer and quicker method of release. 3rd thru High School meet at the Offutt Center.  Pre-K students thru 2nd grade meet in the church basement. These Students need to be delivered and picked up at their classroom.  They will not be released until a responsible person comes for them. PLEASE PICKUP YOUR CHILDREN AT THE OFFUTT CENTER BEFORE PICKING UP AT THE CHURCH BASEMENT!  Thank you!

Youth groups will start meeting again in Sept. Sept 13 the 3-5 grades will meet and Sept 27 the 6-8 grades will meet.  They meet from 5:30-7 at the Offutt Center.   Followed by CCD at 7.  They will eat dinner there, please check with Misty Werckmeister on how you can help with meals.  Also need help with supervision.



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