Parish Council

Parish Council

Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month (unless listed in the minutes)

Parish Council Members

  • Jim Kempker-term ends June, 2019-phone 682-2940
  • Shawn Carrico-term ends June, 2019-phone 573-823-9124
  • Linda Dowell-term ends 2020-phone-682-5218
  • Ben Jennings-term ends 2020-phone-573-823-0095
  • Brian Korb-term ends 2021-phone 573-268-7553
  • Denise Friedel-term ends 2022-phone 573-619-4455

Parish Council Minutes      August 13, 2019

Those present were Deacon Jon, Father Mike, Shawn Carrico, Jim Kempker, Linda Dowell, Ben Jennings, Brian Korb, Ann Goosey, and Mary Peeper.

Deacon Jon started the meeting with a prayer.  Shawn called the meeting to order. Mary presented the yearly finance report that goes to the Diocese. The budget is part of the report. The council approved the budget for this year and signed off on the report.

Ann gave the CCD report. CCD starts August 28 with Mass at 6:30 then a living rosary and finish with an activity in the MPB.  PreK-8th grade have 72 students and so far High School has 31. She discussed the changes for when students will be confirmed lowering the age to 7th grade in 2021/2022.

Parishioner meetings to discuss our long term plans were discussed. They will be Saturday, September 7 after 5:00 Mass, Sunday, September 8 after 10:00 Mass, and Wednesday, September 11 after the 6:30 Mass. They will be held in the Multipurpose Building.

Council looked at a bid for a new phone system but they are going to get additional bids. It was voted and passed that we need to have at least two bids on anything out of the ordinary that would be a capital improvement except in emergency situations.

Some discussion was held on some issues of cleaning up around the church that needed to be addressed.

Father closed Parish Council meeting with a Prayer.

404 S Rollins St, Centralia, MO 65240