Parish Council

Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month (unless listed in the minutes)

Parish Council Members

  • Jim Kempker-term ends June, 2019-phone 682-2940
  • Shawn Carrico-term ends June, 2019-phone 573-823-9124
  • Linda Dowell-term ends 2020-phone-682-5218
  • Ben Jennings-term ends 2020-phone-573-823-0095
  • Brian Korb-term ends 2021-phone 573-268-7553
  • Denise Friedel-term ends 2022-phone 573-619-4455

Parish Council Minutes: June 8, 2021

7:00 PM MPB

Parish Council Minutes

All members were present along with Deacon Jon and Father Mike

Father opened the meeting with a prayer at 7:00 pm.

Ben reported that there are 6 individuals going on the mission trip August 1. There is still room for more if anyone is interested, contact Ben Jennings.

It was also mentioned that we do have a group of  14 students and 4 adults signed up to go to NCYC in November.

Shawn mentioned that there is a new Virtus program. The Diocese has expanded those that need this training. It is on the Diocese website and it is required for anyone over 18 that does anything with the youth.  Those that have to have it must pass it during the next financial year.

Jim gave the financial report and we are above our budget on income and below our budget on expenses. Things look good. We have people signing up for the online giving. Directions are in this bulletin.

There was some discussion on the two upcoming personal vacancies, Secretary and DRE. No decision has been made.

There will be a meeting of a committee of parishioners that will be planning for a new church in the near future.

Next Meeting July 13 at 7:00 with the new Parish Council.

404 S Rollins St, Centralia, MO 65240