Parish Council

Parish Council

Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month (unless listed in the minutes)

Parish Council Members

  • Jim Kempker-term ends June, 2019-phone 682-2940
  • Shawn Carrico-term ends June, 2019-phone 573-823-9124
  • Linda Dowell-term ends 2020-phone-682-5218
  • Ben Jennings-term ends 2020-phone-573-823-0095
  • Brian Korb-term ends 2021-phone 573-268-7553

Parish Council Agenda

Tuesday, November 13 7:00 PM

  • Financial Report
  • Update on sound system meeting with Tech Electronics
  • Organ
  • Damage to concrete in front of church
  • Outside Lighting at the MPB
  • Entry to the MPB parking lot.

404 S Rollins St, Centralia, MO 65240