Parish Council

Parish Council

Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month (unless listed in the minutes)

Parish Council Members

  • Jim Kempker-term ends June, 2019-phone 682-2940
  • Shawn Carrico-term ends June, 2019-phone 573-823-9124
  • Linda Dowell-term ends 2020-phone-682-5218
  • Ben Jennings-term ends 2020-phone-573-823-0095
  • Brian Korb-term ends 2021-phone 573-268-7553

Parish Council Minutes January 8, 2019

Those present were Shawn Carrico, Brian Korb, Jim Kempker, Linda Dowell, Ben Jennings, Mary Peeper, and Father Mike.

Father Mike started the meeting with a prayer at 7:00 PM.  Shawn called the meeting to order.

Mary reported that the collection is increasing. We received $1,008.20 in interest on the church’s two deposits at the Diocese. That was for 6 months. Also, that when a CD matures we will need to transfer some of the checking account money to a CD. Jim’s share his chart on how we are doing with our budget and income is above the budget and expenses below so we are doing great.

Ann reported that CCD starts this week.

Jim and Ben reported on the bid from Tech Electronics about some issues with the speaker system. The bid was higher than they thought we needed to spend as the problems are not that great.

Shawn announced that he and Father Mike would be going to a meeting at the Diocese with the Bishop, the Priests of the three Columbia churches and their Parish Council Presidents on January 17. This was set up by the Bishop.

It was suggested that we look into a monitor in the balcony so that those sitting in the balcony can see the alter better. We have a donation of a monitor and a donation to cover the cost of the camera and mounting bracket. Council approved to install the equipment.

It was brought up that if we striped parking places at the MPB more cars could park there. Shawn said as soon as the weather was decent that it would get done. It will be one way traffic. You will come in from Rollins and leave behind the garage. Also, they will be getting handicap signs put up in the parking areas.

Ben said we have an inquiry from a high school student to fill in for our musicians. He wanted to be paid but Father suggested we stay with Catholics. He knows some groups that would come when Ben and Meredith both need to be gone or we can sing without music.

It was also brought up that we need to kill out the weeds in the lawn then reseed and fertilize the grass.  Council approve that.

Shawn stated that the Knights are busy with the Shrimp Fests coming up.

Next meeting will be at 7:00 PM on February 12. Sister Kathleen Wegman will come.

Father closed Parish Council meeting with a Prayer at 8:00.

Parish Council February 12, 7:00 PM MPB

  • Speaker: Sister Kathleen

404 S Rollins St, Centralia, MO 65240