Parish Council

Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month (unless listed in the minutes)

Parish Council Members

  • Linda Dowell-phone-682-5218
  • Brian Korb-phone 573-268-7553
  • Denise Friedel-term ends 2022-phone 573-619-4455
  • Erle Bennett
  • Jason Kehl
  • John Romine


May 10, 2022, 7:00pm

Attending: Brian Korb, Linda Dowell, Jason Kehl, John Romine, Erle Bennett, Jon Bequette, Fr. Michael Coleman

Father led the opening prayer. April minutes were read.  Jason made a motion to approve and all agreed.

Financial report: All was approved.

Old Business

  • 125th swag, key chains are in at Richman’s.
  • The anniversary celebration date was set for Nov. 20 (Sunday)
  • Linda sent samples from Color Craft to the council. Need 65 families and directories are free. Most likely be next spring or in Nov./Dec. Linda will set the date when company contacts.
  • Picnic tables were purchased, delivered and have been used at the last CCD. Obtained at a cheaper price of $790.
  • MPB storage closet—Jason as talked with Harper Plumbing and is awaiting answers.
  • MPB bathroom tile, outside lights still awaiting Brian to take care of.
  • Father will make the cards for non-Catholics by next fall.
  • org has been fully funded by the Offutt Foundation and an anonymous donor.

New Business

  • Future Mission, Father said his sister the Sister will be delighted to present but might be till next fall. Offutt Foundation will also help fund.
  • The Mission Trip for HS in July 10-15. Sign up needs to be by May 26. The church helps fund this event (talk w/Ben and let council know by email.)
  • Church sent a donation to Matthew Romine family after Dana’s death.
  • Jason asked for money ($600-700) for restocking some utensils/pans, etc for the MPB kitchen. See if Gail would want to go select these items. Brian made motion and motion passed.
  • Drew Korb will mow the Offutt center. Jason asked to spend some money to improve the area around Offutt. He talked with Margie Finlay to make suggestions w/landscaping.
  • Jason concerned about getting the CCD students out of the basement and looking at the possibility of a 2nd Offutt education bldg. Discussion revolved around manipulating the class that has a student w/disability will need to find a room that meets acceptability. Thoughts about building a 2nd that could be sold as 2 separate properties. Brian will discuss w/Nancy to see how many classrooms needed.
  • Erle discussed that the city wants to know if going to contract out the sidewalk at the Offutt bldg. and for the entry to the MPB lot. Erle suggested some people who have the capability. Erle will get some quotes. Jason made motion for Erle to find someone and contract out. Linda 2nd and motion carried.
  • Clean up day w/HS kids at the church and at Offutt. Brian will talk with Nancy and set the day as May 21 or 28.
  • Mike’s St Louis game will be July 12 vs Dodgers.
  • June is the election of council members. Linda goes off. Put in bulletin regarding opening.
  • Linda asked that in light of the actions last week (Roe v Wade riots), perhaps have a emergency preparedness for Boone County come speak to the council at next meeting.
  • Anniversary t-shirt order extended until end of month.

Next meeting  June 14, 2022.

Father led all in the Glory Be.

404 S Rollins St, Centralia, MO 65240