Parish Council

Parish Council

Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month (unless listed in the minutes)

Parish Council Members

  • Erle Bennett-term ends June, 2017-phone 682-4852
  • Tonya Schmidt-term ends June, 2017-phone 682-7009
  • Brad  Kempker-term ends  June, 2018-phone 573-999-3347
  • Jim Kempker-term ends June, 2019-phone 682-2940
  • Shawn Carrico-term ends June, 2019-phone 573-823-9124

Parish Council Minutes May 9


Father opened the meeting with a prayer at 7:05.   Those attending were Brad Kempker, Jim Kempker, Shawn Carrico, Derek Long, Ann Goosey, Mary Peeper and Father Offutt.

Father opened the meeting with a prayer at 7:00. Brad called the meeting to order. Mary reported that $30,000.00 was transferred to an account at the diocese so interest can be earned. The cost of the bathroom was $19,829.61 and the deck was $6,611.48. Repair of the stain glass window in the front of church was $500.00. We have $41,528.38 left on our loan from the diocese for the land and Offutt building.  Our Infirmed Priest Collection was just $100.00 less than our assessment. Jim reported that our spending is currently about $28,000.00 under what we budgeted to spend this year.  We have a bank balance for the church of $43,085.08 and FOF has $36,715.90 in addition in the account for a total of $79,800.98.

Jim will look into a remote light switch that would turn on the last row of lights from the door of church so people do not have to enter in the dark at night.  Jim has been monitoring the slight settling that is occurring in the basement and has not found a significant change.  He also is checking on the water level in the sump pump holes but that is not but a few inches even after heavy rains. At some point we will need to caulk where the church building and the parking lot meeting. Brad mentioned that we will need to be looking at replacing some of the chairs in the MPB. No action taken.

There will be some landscaping taking place at the Offutt building.

The musicians are fine with taking care of the three masses.  We were informed that the Missals that we have been using are on longer available. Mary is getting some samples of different ones to look.

Father stated that the servers are participating more in saying the prayers and during the readings.

Derek Long reported on the Pastoral Plan Committee that recently met with representatives from the Diocese.  They talked about what we are currently doing and what more we can do as a church in the areas of outreach, faith and family. Parish Council will review the summary of what was talked about and discuss it at the next meeting. The diocese asks that we target some ways to improve over the next 4 to 5 years.

There are some unused items in the garage and the church that will be looked at to get dispose of.

Betty requested use of the tables and chairs in the garage for use at Anchor Fest for a Bone Marrow swabbing drive that will be held.  There will be nurses performing these swabs to find people available to make bone marrow donations. Council approved use of the Offutt building for this booth if it is raining.

Ann reported that we have had 6, 7, and 8 grades as well as high schoolers that have made trips recently to a convent and the diocese.  There are a group of high school students looking at attending National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis in November.  It will cost over $500.00 per child and chaperon to go.  Final signup is Sunday. They will be doing fundraising and she asked for the possibility of some financial help from the church, the Knights and St. Anne’s.  The end of CCD will be celebrated with a Parish picnic and swim party on Wednesday, May 31. Everyone is invited.

Knights of Columbus will have their usual food booth with pretzels added. St. Anne’s quilt bingo was a big success and will be held again next March.

Meeting was adjourned with a prayer at 8:15.

Think about taking your turn on Parish Council. We will be electing two new people on June 17/18. It is for 3 year terms and the council meets on the 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 PM

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