Parish Council

Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month (unless listed in the minutes)

Parish Council Members

  • Linda Dowell-phone-682-5218
  • Brian Korb-phone 573-268-7553
  • Denise Friedel-term ends 2022-phone 573-619-4455
  • Erle Bennett
  • Jason Kehl
  • John Romine

January 11, 2022

Holy Spirit Multipurpose Building


Attending: Fr. Mike Coleman, Brian Korb, Linda Dowell, Jason Kehl, John Romine, Erle Bennett, Jon Bequette, Jim Kempker

Fr. led the opening prayer.

December minutes were read and discussion regarding Facebook name of the parish. It was decided to leave as is. Minutes were approved.

Jim presented the finances and expenses are below and income is above. Decided to move some of income into a diocese CD.

Old Business:

  • The new phone system has been installed and working fine.
  • Mike will talk with Bishop McKnight about combining Confirmation and 125th anniversary. Jason suggested finding items to commemorate the anniversary. Will table until the next meeting.
  • Jason McIntosh will approved to continue to maintain hosting the website.
  • The MPB floors are waxed and looking good. There are around 300-400 tiles need to be replaced immediately. John will talk with the McGrew Brothers to get an estimate for the replacement. The carpet on the walls also need to be cleaned. Materials will be donated but need to check with Jeff to see if he will do this.
  • Erle spoke about the Purpose of the Parish Council. He made suggestions on how to involve more parishioners and get them reactivated. Father will write up on a card to be put in the pews and greeter distribution. Will review more at next meeting.
  • Mendy Clare is not able to keep cleaning the Offutt Center and would like a replacement. Linda will contact and see about the time involvement.
  • There will be Lenten meals after the Stations of the Cross. Various groups will provide the meals. K of C will provide the meal on Mar. 4 & Apr. 9, Parish Council on Mar. 11.

404 S Rollins St, Centralia, MO 65240