Liturgical Roles January

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pray for...Remember those that have asked for our prayers:

Father Offutt, Zeta Ryan, Barbara Chamberlain, Heather Davidson Morrison, Galon Reyon Leach, Barry Rhoenen, Mary Ann Holsinger, Annette Fashing, Cameron DeGraff, Mary Ann Henke, Denis Hagedorn, Mandy Ivy, Paul Dobbs, Mark Prenger, Mike Lenz, Rose Lenz, Margaret Stegeman, Jim Hodges, Arlean Boss, Joe & Glenda Costrop, Audrey Sczepannski, Ruth Godding, Becky Schafer, Bill Miller, Carol Dailing, Father Judge, Angela Weithman, Bob Diemeke, Marshall, Jr.& Judy Stringer, and those out of work.  Also remember those in the military: Ray Finlay, Nathaniel Katz, and Jacob Schlemmer

 Just a reminder that Father is sponsoring an hour of Contemplative Period Pointe Music on KBIA 90.3 HD2 each Thursdays at 12:00-1:00. Tune in if you can and enjoy the music.

Snow Removal: John Paul McGuire has volunteered to do the snow removal this year. We are however looking for a couple high school boy or some men that would help if we get a large snow or bad ice storm or if we need a backup sometime. This is a paying job. Let the office know if you are interested in helping. It is important to keep the sidewalks and steps cleared of snow and ice.


  • Food Collection and $1.00 Sunday first full weekend of the month
  • Knight of Columbus meets the third Thursday of each month Rosary at 6:00 PM, meal and social 6:30 and meeting 7:00
  • St. Anne’s Craft Group meets Second Wednesday at 1:30 at the Offutt Bldg.
  • St. Anne’s Fellowship Group meets the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the MPB. (no June or July meetings)
  • Donuts: 2nd Sunday after 10:00 Mass in the MPB
  • 55+ Group: Carry-in the 4th Saturday after 5 pm Mass

Bulletin: Deadline for the bulletin is Wednesday morning.  If you or your group has something for the bulletin, type it out as you want it to read and send it to office@holyspiritcentralmo.org or bring it to the office. If someone is on the prayer list that does not need the special prayers any longer, please let Mary know.

Rosary Mondays at 7:00 for Father Offutt and those on prayer list

Bulletins: (for all bulletins click here…)

404 S Rollins St, Centralia, MO 65240