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Communion Service/Rosary. Monday: Communion Service 6:30; followed by Rosary; Wednesday: Holy Hour 5:30, Communion Service 6:15

pray for... Remember those that have asked for our prayers: Linda Benoit, Lucy Benoit, Maria Yaninas, George Plakorus, Mary Newby, Carole McVay, Randy Ostmann, Glenda Castrop, Bob Diemeke, Annette Fashing, Ron Flatt, Jim Hodges, Fr. Judge, Amanda Ewigman Lewis, Bill Miller, Lannie Patton, Mark Prenger, Mary Reichert, Judy Stringer, Barry Thoenen, Bill Wright, Alexander O’Day And those in the military: Ray Finlay, Jacob Schlemmer, and Cody Smith.

Virtus Training:  Every person who works or volunteers for the Church in a setting with children must undergo a background check and receive training on “Safe Environment.” This is so that about 21,000 people in our diocese know the warning signs of predatory behavior, know the Diocese’s code of conduct, and know how to report suspicious activity of anyone who might want to harm children. You can receive the training on the Diocese website under “Safe Environment.” Directions are on the right side of the page

Purchases: If you purchase something that you need to be reimbursed for, you will need to turn in a receipt in order for it to be paid for. This includes items purchased at Prengers or the Extreme Mart.

Esther’s Pantry Cash donations go for vouchers for milk and perishable goods.

Suggested items for donation are listed below:

  • coffee
  • juice
  • cereals
  • jelly
  • pancake mix
  • snacks(popcorn, raisins, peanuts)
  • flour
  • canned fruit & vegetables
  • cake mixes/frostings crackers
  • chili/chili beans
  • sugar
  • toilet paper

Food Collection and $1.00 Sunday: Just a reminder that we do have a food collection on the first full weekend of each month. The food goes to Ester’s Pantry which really can use the food. $1.00 Sunday money is collected the same weekend at the doors of church by St. Anne’s ladies. Thank you for all that contribute regularly.

The office and Father Mike have a new phone system. The number is the same (573-682-2815) but there are now different voice mailboxes to leave messages for Fr. Mike, (office), Nancy R (DRE) or Linda D(MPB). Please listen carefully when calling in to leave a message if the office is closed.


  • Food Collection and $1.00 Sunday first full weekend of the month
  • Knight of Columbus meets the third Thursday of each month Rosary at 6:00 PM, meal and social 6:30 and meeting 7:00
  • 55+ group meets on the 3rd Saturday after the 5 pm Mass in the MPB
  • St. Anne’s Fellowship 1st Thursday of every month (no June or July meeting)
  • CCD/Fellowship every Wednesday at 7 pm. (September-April)

Office hours: The office is open Monday-Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00.

Bulletin: Deadline for articles for the bulletin are Thursdays by 9am. Please print out and send to office the desired information. May be sent by email to: office@holyspiritcentralmo.org . If someone is on the prayer list that does not need the special prayers any longer, please let Brenda know.

Request: If you use one of the buildings for a meeting or event, please be sure that the thermostat is set at a temperature to conserve gas/electricity.  The buildings are being left at 72 degrees too often. Also remember you are to leave it as clean as when you found it. Do not leave your mess for someone else to clean up and take your leftover food from the refrigerator.

404 S Rollins St, Centralia, MO 65240