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Fr Stephen Jones will be here Thursday, March 30 @ 7PM in the MPB to share more information about the Diocese’s Stewardship Plan. All are invited to attend.

SENIORS and senior parents-be sure to complete the following scholarship applications for Holy Spirit! Links are in the weekly email or see your high school counselor!

 St. Anne’s Service Recognition Award-Due March 31, 2023

 Knights of Columbus Scholarship-Due March 31, 2023

Our security updates have been installed. The church will remain unlocked from 6:30 AM-8:30 PM daily. If you would like a key card to access the church outside of those hours please signup in the back of the Church or email Kristie. ALL who want a key card will be given one. We are working diligently to make Holy Spirit safe and accessible.


*Friday nights Stations of the Cross @ 6:30 PM

*K of C Fish Fry-March 31

*Walking Stations of the Cross 3:00 April 7

*Holy Thursday Service April 6 @ 7 PM

*Good Friday Service April 7 @ 7 PM

*Easter Vigil Mass April 8 @ 8 PM

*Easter Sunday Masses April 9 8 & 10 AM

liturgy of the word for children

We would really like to bring back the liturgy of the word for children program during 10am Mass. This is a program where kids age 3/4 through 2nd grade can go to the basement for the liturgy of the word portion of Mass and learn about the readings and Gospel on a kid-friendly level. They return for the second half of Mass. To be able to bring this program back, we need volunteers to help teach! Hopefully it would be a once every 6 weeks/2 month.

There are lesson plans and training available. We will gladly take grandmas, grandpas, moms, or dads, no prior teaching experience required! If you would like more information or would like to volunteer for this, please contact Nancy Robinson at 573-933-0898

Year long count

Beginning in August, we will count ALL parishoners at ALL weekend Mass until July 2023. The Diocese has asked all local parishes to record attendance of their weekend Masses for the next year. This will assist them in Priest re-location and Church combinations as our number of priests continue to decline. Be sure to attend Mass to demonstrate what a vibrant and full parish we have at Holy Spirit!

 Because we are being asked to count attendance at EVERY Mass, can you please count parishioners at the Masses in which you have been assigned greeter duty? A form has been put up on the bulletin board where the greeters typically sit. In a basket you will also find a clicker and pencils. You can choose to use the clicker and count parishioners as they come into the Church or count on your own at some point prior to Communion. It is suggested we do not count as parishioners leave Mass as some may leave early. We appreciate your additional help with this new task. We hope it is fruitful for us at Holy Spirit and demonstrates to the Diocese that we have an active parish that intends to survive and require a priest in the coming years.