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If you purchase something that you need to be reimbursed for, you will need to turn in a receipt in order for it to be paid for. This includes items purchased at Prengers or the Extreme Mart.

Parish Council Election June 12/13

The following people have filed for Parish Council. We will be electing three people to fill the spots of  Shawn Carrico, Ben Jennings, and Jim Kempker. Those that will remain on the council are Linda Dowell, Denise Freidel and Brian Korb.

Below is a little information on those that are running. All of these candidates have been members of Holy Spirit for a number of years. They are also running to be a part of our parish as we continue to thrive and grow. They have families that are involved and active in the Catholic Faith. They are all willing to take on Liturgical roles when asked.  

Erle Bennett is the father of three children that were raised in Holy Spirit. He is a former teacher and coach and currently is in charge of the Rec Center and city parks and serves on the Park Board. He has served on the Parish Council where he served as President. He has business experience.  

Margo Benoit is the mother of four children that grew up in Holy Spirit. She served on Parish Council in the past. Their family runs a farming business which gives her business experiences. She held an office on the St. Anne Board and helps with some of their activities.

Jason Kehl is the father of two children who were raised in Holy Spirit. He is co-owner of Spirit Machinery so he is experienced in running a business. He has served on Parish Council for a number of years and was President during some of those years. He is also active in the Knights of Columbus and holds a state office.

John Romine is the father of five who were raised in our church. John is a long time active member of the Knights of Columbus and is a 4th Degree Knight. He help form the KC Club which held several different youth activities. He is involved in production agriculture which gives him business experience.